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Cervical Cap: Side Effects, Benefits and FAQs

Side Effects

The Positive

  • You can put a cervical cap in hours in advance
  • You can have sex as many times as you like while it’s in
  • Neither you nor your partner should be able to feel it
  • Doesn’t affect your hormones
  • No prescription necessary
  • Can be used while breastfeeding

The Negative

  • Some women have a hard time inserting it
  • Can cause vaginal irritation
  • Some women wind up getting frequent urinary tract infections
  • You have to use it every time you have sex, no matter what
  • If you’re allergic to spermicide or silicone, you shouldn’t use a cervical cap
  • Can get pushed out of place by large penises, heavy thrusting, or certain sexual positions
  • Hard to remember to use if you’re drunk
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