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Death Tub

I always heard that a hot tub is actually the safest place to have sex without getting pregnant. With all the chlorine in the water and the heat, the sperm don’t stand a chance. It’s like you’re doing it in sexy bubbly spermicide. So, let me tell ya, sperm are strong. And in a single ejaculation there can be up to 500 million sperm. it only takes one to get in there and fertilize that egg. So having sex in a hot tub is just like having sex anywhere else. There is nothing special about the water or the chlorine or the heat OR the bubbles that’s gonna kill off these sperm. Mind you, if the guy ejaculates into the water in the hot tub and not into your vagina, you’re not at risk, but other than that…sex is sex. English

Think you can’t get pregnant having sex in a hot tub? Guess again. (They call sperm “swimmers” for a reason.)

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